Blue Zoo Okc- All You Need to Know (Animals and Map)


The Blue Zoo is more than an interactive aquarium with species from all over the world! Learn more about reptiles from experts. Enjoy educational experiences. Watch a scuba diver swim among sharks.

In addition, you can hear the fun facts regarding marine life or watch over a pirate live show with sword fighting, swashbuckling, and meeting and greeting a mermaid! All this is waiting for you at the Blue Zoo Aquarium in Oklahoma City.

What to Do at Blue Zoo Okc:

As I say above, Blue Zoo is more than an aquarium. It offers:

  • To get a dive experience go underwater with rays and sharks
  • A great Pirate show for your kids with sword fighting.
  • In the reptiles show, you can touch and feed reptiles.
  • You can see the octopus, river giants, predators, and others at their deeding time.
  • The blue zoo also has a realistic and exclusive mermaid for their guest to spend quality time.

Blue Zoo Okc Zoo Map

Blue Zoo Okc Zoo Map
Blue Zoo Okc Zoo Map

What Animals are at Blue Zoo Okc:

The zoo contains more than 200 species of aquatic life, including:

  • Seahorses
  • Jellyfish
  • Sharks
  • Clownfish
  • Stingrays
  • Octopus
  • Starfish
  • Lizards
  • Predators
  • River Giants
  • Electric Eels
  • Birds

Price To enter Blue Zoo Okc:

There are price packages include:

Day passes:

  • 12 or More = $11.95 (Per Day)
  • Adults & Teens  = $17.95 (Per Day)
  • Children (3 to 12) = $14.95 (Per Day)
  • Military (With ID) = $15.95 ((Per Day)

Annual Passes = $39.95

Moreover, they also provide virtual field trips, party bookings, and more packages.

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