Grandfather Mountain Zoo – All You Need to Know (Animals and Map)


Grandfather Mountain is a famous peak in western North Carolina, just off Blue Ridge Parkway, 75 miles north of Asheville, NC. The area is popular for its unparalleled ecological diversity and incredible scenery. On a clear day at this mountain zoo (altitude 5,945 feet), you can look at the Charlotte Skyline 90 miles away.

The zoo is known as Grandfather Mountain since early pioneers identified an older man’s face on a rock.

What to do at Grandfather Mountain Zoo:

Whether you have a full day or a few hours, find different things to do during your visit to Grandfather Mountain Nature Park.

Here you can:

  • Walk over the Mile High Swinging Bridge.
  • See wildlife habitats.
  • Visit its nature museum to shop, grab lunch, and explore more about the zoo.
  • You can go walking and hiking through atop rugged peaks or temperate forests.
  • Enjoy dining at Mildred’s Grill
  • Look at the 200 different species of birds.

Grandfather Mountain Zoo Map

Grandfather Mountain Zoo Map
Grandfather Mountain Zoo Map

What Animals are at Grandfather Mountain Zoo:

The animals that you will find in the zoo include:

  • Bears
  • Elk
  • Cougars
  • Deers
  • Otters
  • Red Cross Bill
  • Owls
  • Virginia Big-Eared Bat
  • Eagles
  • Insects
  • Appalachian Cottontail

Price To Enter Grandfather Mountain Zoo:

When it comes to price, admission is necessary to enter this full of entertainment zoo. Admission rates: $ 18 (60+) for elders, $ 20 for adults, $ 9 for kids, and no cost for children under four.

Visit Website: Grandfather Mountain Zoo

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