Kangaroo Zoo- All You Need to Know (Animals and Map)


Kangaroo Zoo is a unique indoor active play and celebration environment that caters to the needs and aspirations of children and parents alike.

 Kids of all ages will be thrilled to discover life-themed inflatables for dragons, leopards, alligators, dolphins, and other animals to play with. Meanwhile, parents can relax and watch their children play to their heart’s content.

What To Do at Kangaroo Zoo:

The kangaroo zoo is more than inside active play. It allows people to celebrate their special events, including birthdays parties. The zoo offers a range of party rooms.

  • Floras Room: An ideal setting for a magical and mysterious birthday party in Utah. Here you can eat cake, open presents, and refreshments.
  • Bug box Room: You will get a sense of whimsy in this room. Your child’s imagination will come alive when their birthday is celebrated, fireflies floating up in the space.
  • Cosmos Room: With a huge frieze of Saturn in front of the birthday chair and its beautiful circles, you will enjoy the atmosphere of space-age, which provides decoration.

Kangaroo Zoo Map:

Kangaroo Zoo Map
Kangaroo Zoo Map

What Animals Are at Kangaroo Zoo:

The zoo has no animals. It has the structures of several animals like dragons, leopards, alligators, and many others for kids to play with.

Price To Enter Kangaroo Zoo:

The entrance price in the zoo is:

  • Mon – Sat (For all day play) = $ 12
  • Adults (Supervising) = Free
  • Under 3 (For all day Play) = $6
  • Under 3 Flopper Pass (10 admissions) = $45
  • Frequent Flopper Pass (10 admissions) = $80


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